Was it really that much better “back in the day?”

"They sure don't make em' like they used to," a Baby-Boomer born gentleman said to me as I handed him back his newly repaired 30-year old Seiko watch the other day. He had requested that I replace the mineral glass crystal, gouged over years of everyday wear, and install a new watch battery. After giving … Continue reading Was it really that much better “back in the day?”

What’s your favorite watch brand?

I change a lot of watch batteries at Nelson's Jewelry. It is interesting how many customers are surprised by what brands we are able to work on, but as a Certified Watch Technician, I am usually able to repair most quartz watches. Recently I had a conversation with a customer who had just purchased a … Continue reading What’s your favorite watch brand?

The Watch Battery Guy

It is funny how quickly you can get known for something. I am a certified watch technician and work on quartz watch repair in our store. While I have the proper mechanical watch repair training, I do not work on mechanical or automatic watches at Nelson's Jewelry because of technology necessary was not cost-effective for … Continue reading The Watch Battery Guy