As a 34 year old jewelry store manager, I love helping friends learn about diamonds and designer jewelry. I am a certified watch technician and do quartz watch repair. I also love talking sports and coach a Babe Ruth baseball team in Crystal Lake, Illinois. If you want to talk sports or diamonds, leave me a comment or email me at justin2356@yahoo.com.

Want to Learn More About the Jeweler?

Working at Nelson’s Jewelry has taught me a lot about the importance of staying in touch with your customers. In Crystal Lake, we often see the same customers two to three times a year and having been in business since 1962, have actually worked with many generations of our best customer’s families. The relationship we build with these clients is part of what supports the growth of our store and this type of word-of-mouth advertising has been found to be far more valuable than any billboard or Northwest Herald ad we have run at the store over the past 50+ years.

Now I want to take that knowledge a step further and dedicate my free time to variety of charitable organizations that I can support at least two or three times a year. I want to give back to the same customers who have supported our business and try to help their organizations as they have supported mine. For starters, I have been a baseball coach for the past fifteen summers, five in DeKalb and the last ten with Crystal Lake Babe Ruth.

50th Anniversary

With Babe Ruth, I have worked on their board of directors the past nine years, supporting the Volunteer aspect of our not-for-profit organization. I have met a variety of parents, players and families that have come to support Nelson’s Jewelry much like I support their family through coaching. It is a wonderful organization and I love  hearing from former players and parents. Coaching baseball is part of what defines me as a person and I appreciate how much Crystal Lake Babe Ruth has given to me over the past six years. I look forward to continuing to coach with CLBR for as long as my family life allows.

In additional to coaching 13, 14 and 15 year old players during the summer, fall and winter baseball seasons, I plan to support a few other organizations. For starters, my best friend’s father is the Executive Director of the United Way of Greater McHenry County and he has plenty of volunteer needs. I plan to participate again in the Salvation Army’s Golden Diners meal delivery on my day off during the week. I began my volunteer career delivering Meals on Wheels during my college days at Northern Illinois University. I loved a once a week volunteer service and met a lot of wonderful people delivering meals to various routes in DeKalb and Sycamore. I am hoping that I can support that same delivery service here in Crystal Lake.

This past holiday, Nelson’s Jewelry also worked with the Crystal Lake Jaycees “Share A Christmas” event.

We received customer’s recycled gold and donated a percentage of the proceeds to help purchase gifts for needy children. The event was a great way to give back locally and made me realize that the Jaycees were also an excellent organization that I could support in the future.

With a full calendar in place, I am excited to make the next years the time I say thank you to everyone who has supported my growth at Nelson’s Jewelry and even more importantly, I am ready to build lasting relationships working with volunteers in our Crystal Lake community.


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