After ten years as a volunteer board member for Crystal Lake Babe Ruth I was tasked with the honorarily role of President for my eleventh summer. Having been a volunteer manager since I was 21, I felt I had avoided the “top” board position as long as possible AND, over some excellent wings (and maybe a few beverages), I was convinced my time at the top was today.

Flash forward to the end of 2018 and I am proud to say volunteering as President has been, like Uber, a ride I’m glad I shared with friends. Volunteering to support any organization is often more of a job then the 40-hour one that pays the bills. new clbrLike a country singer’s Grammy, the award for a fantastic baseball season is often given to the President,  when the real success came from all the work behind the scenes, or the musician’s song writing team.

Of course, I appreciate all the praise. However, after all the “go Justin” chanting wanes, what is important to me is recognizing all the Board members that make our success possible. These volunteers include former Babe Ruth players, parents whose players have long since graduated from our Program, and fellow volunteers that have a passion for baseball and desire to aid in our success.

So, as we wrap on another volunteer season, I am reminded of a quote from one of the most famous voices of my generation, Homer Simpson.

Homer Image 1

“Volunteering is for suckers. Do you know that so called ‘volunteers’ don’t even get paid?” 

Thank you for volunteering and I am excited to hang out with all the “sucker” in 2019!

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