Benefit for Bimbi at Nick’s Pizza

When another volunteer is in need, I always try to support that cause. On October 23rd, I hope all my friends from Nelson’s Jewelry and Crystal Lake Babe Ruth are able to help support an important family in need.

Steve Bimbi, a volunteer coach with Crystal Lake Babe Ruth, and his family need assistance and I would appreciate if all my loyal readers, jewelry customers, and fellow volunteers were able to support the Bimbi family by eating at Nick’s Pizza in Crystal Lake, Illinois this Wednesday. The link to the event, Benefit for Bimbi at Nick’s Pizza, as well as details about Steve’s accident and his family members that need our support is available here.

Besides being a volunteer that I worked with at CLBR, the Bimbi family have always trusted Nelson’ s Jewelry with their special jewelry needs and our jewelry store family wishes to support his family as well.

Once again, I hope to see all my volunteer friends at Nick’s Pizza in Crystal Lake this Wednesday, October 23rd to help the Bimbi family!


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