In January, Kid President, the little man behind the “Pep Talk” video that just happens to now have over 29 million views (when I watched it originally, it had 9 million views), wants everyone to stop being boring and make the world awesome. I understand why he is so passionate about improving our world. Every day I meet new people who do amazing work, or help those less fortunate, or just need a watch battery for their Timex. Sometimes I am inspired by their stories, their passion, their desire to make the world a better place. Sometimes I collect my $8.00 and ring up another Cash Customer. And sometimes, like Kid President, I realize “I am gooder than that,” and decide that I am more than inspired by a conversation. That I am moved to help. That I might really be able to make the world a little awesome.

Where I live in Crystal Lake, Illinois, the Crystal Lake Food Pantry supports a growing number of people in need of a little “awesome.” I discovered two years ago that there was a true need for food donations and with the help of Bob, Sue and Rich Nelson and our jewelry store, Nelson’s Jewelry, we donated a free watch battery to every customer who made a food donation during this past year.

For me though, that was just the start of my “awesome.” I am now ready to donate time to helping stock shelves, pick up food donations, and assist those in need of food supplies. I want to take the time to help the Crystal Lake Food Pantry because I see how my desire will make a huge impact. I see how my time will make a huge difference. I see how my desire and time to do something “awesome” may also inspire others to “be gooder” and have a chance to follow their dreams.

Like Kid President and that dude Journey said, “don’t stop believing… unless your dream is stupid.” I am pretty confident that anyone who is supported, even briefly, by the generous people at the Crystal Lake Food Pantry, will have a chance to make their dreams a little more attainable this year.

Hopefully, I can give a little support at the end of 2013 and be one of 29 million people plus that makes the world a little “awesome” thanks to Kid President and, of course, my general desire to never be boring!

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