HoHoHolly Cow that is A LOT of Hours

I love working for a family owned jewelry store. I also love spending the holidays with family and friends. Unfortunately, those “loves” go together like Andy Reid and Eagles fans in 2012.

I have been in the retail jewelry business since 1997, so it is not like in my fifteenth Holiday season I am suddenly surprised by a 60-hour work week. In fact, Nelson’s Jewelry has always been more than helpful with my holiday hours, even letting me have a day off in December BEFORE Christmas (anyone in my industry just choked on their energy drink and swore at my luck). But I still wish I had more family time. More time to spend traveling to see everyone who lives in Wisconsin, Illinois and Arizona. More time to just spend at home with my wife, who as a teacher, has a few weeks of quality hanging out time to herself during the holidays. Even more time to just visit Santa at the mall… because that is what I say when I want to shop for surprise gifts during the holiday season.

Speaking of surprise gifts, and really what would a post from a jeweler on the holidays be without a blatant mention of sparkle, there is a new collection from Southern African Diamonds that I am really excited to show my favorite customers in December.

Shameless Plug for Nelson’s Jewelry

One of the pieces, part of the Circle of Life Collection from our Private Collection, is a stunning necklace in 18-karat yellow gold, and even as I write this shameless plug for Nelson’s Jewelry, I do believe someone’s wife will be delighted when she peers into her stocking and finds this pendant wrapped in our special holiday paper.

While more time during December may not be possible with the extra holiday hours included at the jewelry store, making time for friends and family is still on the top of my list. For one, everyone who does not work retail hours seems to be in a festive mood and thus a lot of fun to be around on a regular basis. Not only that, but when a customer buys the jewelry he is studying like a college kid cramming for finals, I feel better about my success at work, and leave the store with 5-hour like energy. It is amazing how helpful a successful day at work is on feeling positive the rest of the night.

Semoa in her favorite weather

So here is to a holiday filled with a variety of exciting jewelry gifts, fun with friends and family around the Christmas tree and most importantly a month of long hours that still allows for plenty of nighttime energy… you know so I can take my other favorite “person” not married to me for a walk.

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