Was it really that much better “back in the day?”

"They sure don't make em' like they used to," a Baby-Boomer born gentleman said to me as I handed him back his newly repaired 30-year old Seiko watch the other day. He had requested that I replace the mineral glass crystal, gouged over years of everyday wear, and install a new watch battery. After giving … Continue reading Was it really that much better “back in the day?”

Presidential Appreciation: The Importance of Volunteering

After ten years as a volunteer board member for Crystal Lake Babe Ruth I was tasked with the honorarily role of President for my eleventh summer. Having been a volunteer manager since I was 21, I felt I had avoided the "top" board position as long as possible AND, over some excellent wings (and maybe a few … Continue reading Presidential Appreciation: The Importance of Volunteering

Goal-Based Teaching: Baseball and Business

For fifteen consecutive summers I have been fortunate enough to volunteer manage for a youth baseball league, first through the DeKalb Park District and currently with Crystal Lake Babe Ruth. What began as a volunteer job because I signed up too late to be hired for the summer as an umpire has become an integral element of … Continue reading Goal-Based Teaching: Baseball and Business

Make the World Awesome

In January, Kid President, the little man behind the "Pep Talk" video that just happens to now have over 29 million views (when I watched it originally, it had 9 million views), wants everyone to stop being boring and make the world awesome. I understand why he is so passionate about improving our world. Every … Continue reading Make the World Awesome

Retail Jewelry: Living Life During THE Holiday

I love working for a family owned jewelry store. I also love spending the holidays with family and friends. Unfortunately, those "loves" go together like Andy Reid and Eagles fans in 2012. I have been in the retail jewelry business since 1997, so it is not like in my fifteenth Holiday season I am suddenly … Continue reading Retail Jewelry: Living Life During THE Holiday

Posts Just Don’t Come Easy

Ringo Starr and George Harrison know exactly what I am feeling lately with my blog. When I created this blog I knew, like my guys above, that "you got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues." By blues I of course mean Cubbie Blues and by dues I of course mean many … Continue reading Posts Just Don’t Come Easy

Fantasy Sports… the Fun Sort of Never Ends

Sandwiched between the end of my summer baseball season and the start of my fall baseball season (I coach A LOT I know) is one of my favorite events of the year... our annual fantasy football draft. I firmly believe there is little better in fantasy sports life than a live fantasy draft. For the … Continue reading Fantasy Sports… the Fun Sort of Never Ends

Passion Makes Perfect

I wait on at least 10 to 15 customers a day at Nelson's Jewelry in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Managing this jewelry store for over seven years, I have realistically met 10,000 people in my time behind the counter. Fortunately, I have a large number of loyal supporters who shop with me for every special occasion. … Continue reading Passion Makes Perfect

An Original Idea

While I have worked in the jewelry industry since 2000, my college degree is actually in Marketing with an emphasis in Consumer Behavior and Psychology. Having that type of background has often helped with jewelry store marketing and especially the concept of how to price merchandise at our store in Crystal Lake, Illinois. However, my … Continue reading An Original Idea

Musical Memory Lane

Wander down memory lane and I know you will find that music follows. Think about it for a second and you will quickly understand what I mean. Sure you can relate a time in your life to a school subject, like my senior year reminds me of writing.  Or I might relate an everyday item, … Continue reading Musical Memory Lane